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Kuno Woudt
Curriculum Vitae

Personal details

name Kuno Woudt
email kuno@frob.nl
github warpr


I am a generalist, full-stack web developer skilled in JavaScript, Python and PHP. When writing client-side javascript I prefer using browser native technologies like web components, but also have many years of experience writing single page apps with React. Server-side I have more than a decade of experience with PHP, and have used both Python and Perl professionally for writing web applications for several years as well.

In my spare time I am tinkering with embedded devices (esp32, rp2040, arduino), e.g. writing little bits of firmware for mechanical keyboards. I used to be proficient in C, but haven't used it much recently and I am learning Rust for these types of applications.


January 2014 — present / Follow Up Boss
Position held: Senior Full Stack Engineer, Security Officer

Follow Up Boss is a CRM for real estate agents written as a Single Page Application talking to a REST API, with native mobile apps for iPhone and Android using the same API.

As a developer working on Follow Up Boss I am part of a small team building new features for the application. Like many small web application development teams everyone on the team was also helping out with maintaining our linux infrastructure and doing customer support. As the company has grown over the last decade we were able to hire for those tasks, so the past few years I've been able to focus on just building features.

For many years I was also the informal security officer for Follow Up Boss, in that role I was tasked to keep our and our customer's data safe. Which included responsibilites to (among other tasks) establish, advocate and enforce security policies and best practices among our team, monitor security advisories, investigate security issues and respond to right-to-delete requests. As Follow Up Boss has grown, we were eventually able to hire a full time employee to take over these duties.

August 2013 — January 2014 / Zest Software
Position held: Developer

Zest Software develops informational websites, intranets and web applications for knowledge-intensive organizations.

As a developer for Zest Software I was one of two developers working on small websites built with Django, and large content management applications built with Plone.

February 2010 — July 2013 / MetaBrainz
Position held: Developer

MusicBrainz is a community-maintained open source encyclopedia of music information. It consists of a website and webservice written in perl, and a fair amount of javascript on some of the data entry screens. The main site uses PostgreSQL as the back-end database and a lucene based search server written in java.

As a contractor for MetaBrainz I was part of a team of three paid developers and a large community of volunteers. I started during a time when we were doing a full rewrite of the musicbrainz.org server software, which went live on May 2011. In the following two years I've mostly worked on the musicbrainz.org server software, working with our community of users and clients to fix bugs as they get reported and add features.

As part of a small team of developers with no system administrators, I was also responsible for maintaining various bits of infrastructure, most importantly nagios monitoring of our servers.

May 2006 — January 2010 / Dimensional Insight Netherlands
Position held: Developer, System Administrator

Dimensional Insight aims to provide insight into corporate data. To this end, Dimensional Insight has developed a generic online survey tool and a tool for 360 degree feedback assessments. Technologies used are mainly PHP and MySQL, with XML/XSLT used as a template language both for screen (HTML/CSS) and paper (PDF, Prince XML). My role at Dimensional Insight was to develop new features for these two products. I was the maintainer of the survey tool codebase.

In addition to being a developer, I was also a network and system administrator for a number of machines in a growing network of physical and virtual machines, both colocated production servers and development servers at our office. These mainly run Debian GNU/Linux, with apache, php, mysql, and other services.

Sep 2005 - Apr 2006 / 4P-IT
Position held: System Administrator

Implementation and administration of a broad range of windows based networks at our clients.

Sep 2004 - Sep 2005 / CSG Comenius Leeuwarden
Position held: System Administrator

Administration of the network consisting of Windows 2000/2003 servers, including Exchange 2003 for mail and both IIS and Apache for various webservers.

Aug 2004 / UPC Nederland
Position held: Helpdesk/Technical Support agent

Providing technical support to clients of a large cable internet provider.

June 2003 - July 2003 / CSG Comenius Leeuwarden
Position held: System Administrator

Migrating a Windows NT 4 sever and a Linux mail server to several Windows 2000 Servers operating with Active Directory and Exchange 2000.

Dec 1999 - Aug 2001 / Christelijk Gymnasium Beyers Naudé
Position held: System Administrator (0,2 fte)

Administration of the network consisting of a Linux firewall/router and approx. 25 Windows 98 clients.

July 1998 - December 1998 / CSG Comenius Leeuwarden
Position held: System Administrator

Roll out of Windows NT4 based networks at three different locations. The network at each location consisted of a single NT4 server and approx. 20 windows 98 clients.


February 2004 - June 2004 / Computer Vision Laboratory, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden
Graduation project

Research and implementation of realtime motion detection and estimation for video games. Various game prototypes and a final game were developed using C# and Managed DirectX 9. The motion detection algorithms were implemented in C++, as part of an in-house vision library.

September 2001 - January 2002 / Compiler Technology, Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven

Add support for Very Long Instruction Word CPUs to a generic cpu emulator written in Java. The goal of this project was to add support support for a NXP/Philips TriMedia CPU, while keeping the code general enough so other VLIW CPUs can be added later.


Sep 1999 - Jul 2004 / Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden
Bachelor of Engineering, Informatica (Computer Science)
Aug 1997 - Jul 1998 / Hogeschool Enschede
Computertechniek (no degree)
Aug 1992 - Jul 1997 / MBO College De Friese Poort, Sneek
Diploma Elektronica/Telematica (senior secondary vocational education, degree in electronics/telematics)


Dutch Native speaker Born and raised in the Netherlands
English Fluent Grew up with english language saturday morning cartoons
Spanish Conversational Living in Ecuador since 2014